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Custom Quilts - How It Works


You get inspired to commission a quilt for someone you love (including yourself!).


Contact me to start the process. Include anything you know at this point about what you want. 


If I am able to take on the project, we'll figure out a few general things together - like size, timeline, and pricing. Don't worry, I'll make it painless.


I'll send you an agreement and you'll put down a deposit (typically, 80% of the base cost of your quilt - see pricing).


I'll ask you a bunch of questions about the person your quilt is for. We can either talk this through in a 30-minute phone call, or you can fill out details in an online form - your choice!


I'll make your quilt. If you'd like to see photos of progress, I'll gladly share.


When the quilt is finished, we'll resolve final payment details and I'll ship or you can come pick it up at my house/studio in Minneapolis.

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