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Longarm Quilt Finishing

Longarm quilt finishing at the Betsymade studio is 100% custom - no computers here!


At my in-home studio in south Minneapolis, you'll have an opportunity to choose from a variety of motifs/stitch patterns and thread colors, and then with your input, I'll design a custom free-motion design that will complement and accentuate your hard work. Then, I'll lovingly make every stitch of that design myself, ensuring your quilt is finished with care and attention.

To prepare your quilt for long-arming:

  • Square up the corners of your quilt top and double check that the top and bottom edges of both your top and backing are straight.

  • Prepare backing to be at least 4" bigger than your quilt top on all sides (if supplying your own batting, please follow this guideline for batting too!).

  • Iron your quilt top and backing nice and flat.

  • If you'd like me to trim your quilt and stitch the binding to the front, don't forget to make binding and bring it with you.

Most quilts can be finished within 2-3 weeks from drop-off. Custom longarm quilting services start at $100 and are determined by the size of your quilt and the finishing options you select, which include: purchasing batting, trimming/squaring, and machine-stitching binding onto one side. An estimate will be provided before we begin.

Contact me at or fill out the form here to get started!

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