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I made this for my niece, Josephine, a bright explosion of joy who joined our world in the middle of one of the darkest nights of 2018 and has been spreading hope and optimism ever since.

This quilt grew from a few 12" paper pieced star blocks I was playing around with. I liked them so much that I built the quilt around them, filling in the space between with solid borders, 3" squares and sparkles, a few Bonnie Hunter "Criss Cross" blocks, and a canted star block I designed (that I'm really happy with, actually!).

This is 100% Betsy original design, completely one-of-a-kind. I also quilted it myself (a first!). It is one of my favorite things.

Josephine Front 2
Josephine Front
Josephine Back
Josephine Detail 3
Josephine Detail 2
Josephine Detail 4
Josephine Detail 5
Josephine WIP 3
Josephine Block 2
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